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Ski Boat Rental - Wakeboard Boat Rental - Surfboat Rental

Bay To Bay Boat Club is very pleased to offer for rent, the 2017 Gekko Water-Sports boat! BTB is the only place you can rent a high-end performance Ski Boat on Lake Minnetonka,MN. Gekko makes ski and wakeboard sports boats sure to make every skier, wakeboarder or surfer smile. The REVO is a very versatile boat. Great wake for surfing or boarding but also an awesome boat for skiing as well.

*Take your kids for an amazing day on the lake!
*A unique, fun `team building’ event for employees!
*Thinking about buying a water sports boat? Give it a try and experience the `feel’ of driving a Gekko boat before purchasing!
*Have the ultimate `play’ day on the water: Ski, board, surf until you’re worn out!

When you rent this boat, we supply a variety of toys; Wake Surf Board, WakeBoard, Knee Board, Slalom Ski, Pair ski or kid ski’s***** (some restrictions apply, please see our Gekko Rental Reservation Policies & Guidelines for further information). We have also attached the contract below so you can view it prior to renting in order to be clear on the policies.


You must be Twenty-five years of age (25) with a valid driver’s license. The driver must have some boating experience in order to drive this type of boat or a Driver can be hired for $45.00 per hour. This is not a `party’ boat and will not be rented to you if that is your intention. It should be rented/used for the purpose of skiing, boarding and tubing; for you to be a kid again at heart or to get kids involved and introduced to water sports activities.
You are required to watch an eleven minute video, review and sign our contract and participate in an orientation on the boat to get you familiar with the controls, safety equipment and navigational information about the marker buoys.
NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED ON THE BOAT. NO PASSENGERS ON THE BOAT CAN CONSUME ALCOHOL WHILE IN POSSESION OF THE BOAT. NO SMOKING, NO PETS. NO FISHING. Clothing and apparel worn on board must be colorfast. Non-colorfast clothing will bleed into the boat seats and stain them. You will be charged for stained seats due to non colorfast clothing!

Credit Cards only, no cash or checks accepted. If an incident occurs, the Sheriff’s Water Patrol will get involved and a breath test will be administered. If alcohol is detected, you will be charged $1,000.00 for breaking the rules of the contract in addition to any boating under the influence laws that apply.

Rental Rates:

Half Day $599.00 plus fuel Full Day $899.00 plus fuel

**Half Day Times are Five hours from Noon to 5:00 PM or 1:00 to 6:00 PM

**Full Day is nine hours from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

**Tax included and all safety equipment provided.

Parking: One car is allowed in our marina parking area.
It is HIGHLY recommended that you download the NAVIONICS Boating USA app ($9.99). It is a very helpful tool and works on ANY mapped lake in the country. The APP will assist you in navigating as it shows all channel markers, all danger buoys, low bridges, etc to help you avoid any potential damage to the boat.
Insurance: You can check with your home-owners policy to insure yourself. Some insurance companies will provide coverage since the boat is less than 26 feet.

Your responsibility for damage is outlined in the contract below.

 This is your rental agrement below please read it very carefully


Call now to reserve your boat.
  For an incredible Minnesota day on Lake Minnetonka