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Darn Near Perfect by Kare 11's Eric Perkins

July 16, 2007

Nice stretch of weather we're having, youbetcha!
Friday night I got out on the lake for the first time this year. It's about time!
Now, when I say, the lake, that leaves about 10,000 options. The one I speak of...or write of... is Lake Minnetonka.
My wife and I, along with 6 other dear couples, all got on an awesome extra large pontoon, and set out on what may have been one of the most beautiful nights we've had in a long time.
We anchored in a mellow bay and just ate, talked, and chilled.
This blog isn't so much about the weather though. It's about the service we got at the Bay to Bay boat club and Marina in Excelsior.
This place is outstanding! The owner Tom Jacob is a first class cat, who knows how to treat a customer. The kids that work for him are alarmingly attentive. They hustle their butts off up and down the dock to make sure things go smoothly.
The Boat Club is actually a genius concept too. You just pay an annual fee, and then get the lot of boats they have available all summer long. Ski boats, pontoons, fishing boats. You don't have to pay for a slip fee, or maintenance or winter storage, or above all, a boat!
I'll stop short of making this an advertisment for the place, I just really appreciate good service, and people that are this good, deserve to be called out.

That's all.