Our policies and guidelines before you reserve a boat

Thank you for looking into a rental Pontoon boat with Bay To Bay.

Please call to check availability and/or to make a rental reservation 952-401-3880

2023 Rental Pricing

We have one 30 foot pontoon boat with a comfortable capacity of 12-14 passengers and two, 25 foot boats with a comfortable capacity of 10 passengers, 12 maximum.
Time Slots are either 9:00- 2:00 or 3:00 -8:00 (half Day) or 10:00 – 7:00 (Full Day)
Price includes sales tax & fuel
Weekday (Monday-Thursday)
25 Foot TMC Paragon Half Day $550.00 Full Day $675.00
30 Foot TMC Paragon Half Day $625.00 Full Day $699.00
Weekend: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Monday of Memorial Day, and Monday of Labor Day count as a weekend.
25 Foot TMC Paragon Half Day $625.00. Full Day $750.00
30 Foot TMC Paragon Half Day $699.00 Full Day $799.00

After Labor Day weekend, we only let the boats go out once a day because of the earlier sunset and you can pick your five hour time slot but must be back well in advance of legal sunset. Full day rentals are still 10:00 AM- 7:00 PM after Labor Day weekend.

We are open until September 20, 2023

How we handle the payments and damage deposit:

We will charge you, when you arrive for your reservation, for the rental rate. We will also be charging an additional $2,500.00 on your card for a damage deposit. We will run your card while you are present and checking in. Once you come back from your outing we will refund the card for the $2,500.00 as long as there is no damage.  When you call in to reserve, you will be notified that we will be charging your card the $2,500.00 damage deposit and then explain that if there is no damage, we will provide the refund and hand you the refund receipt and your rental receipt.

Safety First:

PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO RENT FROM US IF YOU CANNOT FOLLOW OUR RENTAL POLICIES. We do require the driver to be 25 Years of age or older with a valid driver’s license. Anyone with a DUI or BUI cannot drive our boats. When you call to make a reservation we will ask you if you have boat driving experience. Driver must be responsible and have boat driving experience! If you show up and we find that you have never driven or barely driven a boat before, do not understand what we are saying during the orientation or we determine that you are not capable of handling the boat while giving you the orientation, you will not be allowed to go out and we will not refund your money as we are booked months in advance and we will not lose a rental based on someone’s inexperience or inability to drive our boats in a safe and responsible manner. We will ask you a couple of very general questions relating to equipment on the boat.  If you have boat driving experience, you will know about these items. If you don’t, then we know you do not have enough boating experience to drive our boats. Your passenger’s safety and the safety of other boaters on the lake along with the damage you could incur are all too important to risk. Lake Minnetonka is a busy lake and our boats are large, probably larger than most people have driven. We take this very seriously.

We will take a picture of the propeller of the boat and send it up to the office with your name on it. We will ask you to take a picture as well that well there will be no disagreement on the condition of the propeller. We will ask you to look at the outside panels of the boat and will show you where all of the safety items are and how many of each item there is. If you come back with a damaged propeller, damage to the sides of the boat, safety items missing, you will be charged accordingly. Our boats are in great condition and pretty much every time there is an ‘issue’, it is caused by the driver or passengers on the boat. In other words, people renting do the damage we don’t. We are not driving the boat, we are not the passengers. It is in your best interest to drive the boat correctly and to have your passengers behave ‘nicely’. If not, know that you will be charged.

Reserving and Confirmation:

You may view our link to view availability. Please call (952) 401-3880 to reserve. We will ask for your name, address, phone number, email address and credit card information. We do not accept debit cards. After we enter your reservation in the system, you will receive a confirmation email. Please check your email to make sure you have the confirmation!

Reservation Confirmation Follow Up:

You must reply so that we know you received the confirmation email as it contains all of the information you’ll need to know. If we do not receive a reply, we will cancel your reservation. If you do not receive the email it either has ended up in your spam folder or we may have taken your email address down incorrectly so you must call us to make sure we have your correct information and that you have the confirmation. The day prior to your reservation we will call you to confirm your reservation and ask about the number of vehicles you will be bringing.

Cancellation Policies:

Everyone’s idea of a perfect boat day varies and 85 and sunny everyday doesn’t happen in a Minnesota summer; we’re not in Arizona! We would expect you to go out if it is 65/70 degrees and sunny. If that doesn’t work for you, please do not rent a boat from us in order to save an argument and frustration for both you and us.
If it is raining at the time of your reservation, we will cancel you out and you will not be charged. If you decide the day isn’t perfect and you don’t want to come out you will be charged the full amount if we cannot fill your cancelled time slot. If we do, you will not be charged. You must cancel one week prior to your reservation to avoid being charged for the rental.

If you cancel a few hours ahead of time for example, it will be difficult for us to call people on the waiting list and give them enough time to round up their group and come out. As with other rental operations on the lake, we are a seasonal business and cannot afford to have someone simply cancel and lose the rental. We have a waiting list every weekend and are full many weekdays during the prime summer season.

In 2022 we will have three Pontoon boats to rent to the general public. We will be happy to welcome families and corporate outings and provide great boats and service to those who are respectful of our boats, staff, other boaters and the lake. We do not rent to bachelorette or bachelor parties, or any groups, large or small, who want to just get on a boat and get intoxicated. There are other rental places that will be happy to have your business but not Bay To Bay. We are located at a quiet, private Marina which has a small restaurant, many private boat owners with families, including young children. Please, do not book a boat from us if you intend on getting drunk as we do not want to babysit people who are too drunk to walk off the dock, or are loud and obnoxious when getting off the boat, become ill from drinking too much or leave the boat a complete mess. We are not in the business of babysitting drunk adults. If we have to deal with these types of issues, you will be charged an additional $500.00. No exceptions. Our motto is: ” If you respect us, our Staff, boats and the Marina property, we will respect you. If you do not, then you can expect the same from us.” We will not tolerate disrespectful people.

What to Bring Along:

Sunscreen, enough clothing for the conditions since you can always take off a sweatshirt or jacket, (It’s always better to have additional clothing). Toilet paper for the porta potty. We do not supply it. Hand sanitizer, plastic cups, etc. what Not to bring: Glass bottles. If you drop them on the deck and they break, it’s a big hazard for you and your guests. DO NOT wear non-colorfast clothing. Clothing that is not colorfast will bleed into the upholstery and discolor the vinyl. We will charge you for damage to the seats.

Rental Parking

Parking is very limited at the Marina as we have private boat owners, boat club members, boat rental customers and restaurant customers. You are allowed to park a maximum of THREE (3) vehicles at the Marina. You cannot park additional cars nearby on the street. There is no street parking allowed around the Marina. If you have more cars than that you will have to carpool. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL OF THE PEOPLE IN YOUR PARTY ARE AWARE OF OUR PARKING POLICY otherwise your trip will be significantly delayed by the time you figure out where to park additional cars.

At Bay To Bay Boat Club, renting quality boats and providing exceptional customer service is our business. We don’t just hand you the keys and send you off. Instead, our dock staff greets you, carts your gear from the vehicle, and loads all your gear on the boat. `It’s full service’! Bay to Bay Boat Club wants you to have a FUN, safe and memorable experience on Lake Minnetonka. We will provide you with a large navigation map with the buoys and navigation areas clearly marked and we give you a thorough orientation “check-out” to make sure that you are comfortable with the boat and navigation. Our boats have GPS tracking so we can assist with questions while you are on the water. We strongly suggest using Google maps as it will pair up very well with the navigation map we provide. BTB is very family oriented and welcomes corporate customers. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and many wonderful reviews. 

When someone rents a boat from a photo on line, they are not sure exactly what they are getting. The photos on our rental page are the boats you get. We work with manufacturers and custom build the boats so they are very user friendly with many amenities. Many customers comment that the boats are far nicer than expected.


Our boats DO NOT have grills on them and you cannot bring your own and grill on the boat. It is an extreme fire and safety hazard.

Tubing, skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding is prohibited:

Our Insurance Company prohibits anyone from pulling or towing anyone on our rental boats. If we find you have been pulling or towing anyone on our boats, you will be charged an additional $500.00 for breaking our insurance rules. 


You can fish on the boats but they do not have livewells or baitwells and we do not sell bait or rent fishing equipment.

What Our Members Are Saying

“Had a wonderful experience with Bay to Bay! We rented a pontoon for a group of our friends over Memorial Day weekend. Booking was easy and they called the day before to confirm/remind us of details! Parking and shuttle ride was prompt (the driver even helped us to carry coolers/bags into the shuttle and onto the boat). When we arrived registration was quick and efficient! We had a great tutorial about the boat, and they even helped us to plan a route around Minnetonka for the day. They helped us to back out of the dock area and sent us on our way! Will definitely recommend to friends and return again for our next boat rental. Seriously- we have rented from 4/5 boat places on Minnetonka over the years and this was by far the best service!”