Our Policies and Guidelines.

Bay To Bay Boat Club
135 Lakeview Avenue
Excelsior, MN 55331

We are proud to have received the 2021, 2022 & 2023 Best Boat Rental in Minnesota Award from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Thank you for your reservation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send a reply email to so we know you received your confirmation email.

Please read through this confirmation email as it contains important information. One of the Bay To Bay Staff members will call you a day prior to your reservation to confirm your reservation, the time that you are arriving, answer any questions and discuss parking. If we cannot get a hold of you we will leave a voicemail and send you an e-mail. Our half day rental times are: Morning 9AM – 2PM. Evening 3:00 PM -8:00 PM. Full Day is 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

Please come into our office and check in. We will charge your credit card for the rental fee and also place a $2,500.00 damage deposit on your credit card. When you return, and there is no damage, we will refund the $2,500.00 charge and provide you with a refund receipt. The person who has their name on the contract will need to sign the contract. We will need the driver to come in and present their drivers license so that we can put it on the manifest in order to have it for the Sheriff’s Water Patrol record for the day. Anyone who is designated as the Captain needs to participate in the safety orientation. Nobody else can drive the boat except the people who are designated as the Captain. We allow two people to be designated as Captains.

You must be 25 years old to drive with a valid drivers license. Anyone with a DUI or BUI cannot drive our boats. Driver must be responsible and have boating experience. If we determine during orientation that you do not know how to drive a boat or do not understand the instructions we give you, you will not be able to go on the lake and we will not provide a refund as we are booked well in advance and will not lose a rental based on the drivers inability or lack of experience. Your passengers safety and the safety of other boaters on the lake along with the damage that could occur are too important to risk.

Parking is limited at our Marina. You are limited to THREE vehicles. You cannot park additional vehicles on the street or around the neighborhood. We will not allow more than three cars. It is very important that everyone in your group is aware of our parking policy.

Prior to your departure, we ask that you take a photo of the propeller and our Staff person doing the orientation will also take a photo so you and BTB agree on the condition of the propeller. When the boat returns, we will examine the propeller and if it does not like it did when you left the Marina, you will be charged for propeller damage which can be between $500.00 and $2,500.00 depending on the damage. A description of propeller damage is also in the contract that you will sign.

Please cancel your reservation if you plan on getting intoxicated, unruly, disrespectful, etc. We are not in the business of babysitting adults and you will be charged an additional $500.00 if we have to deal with these types of issues.

IMPORTANT: If you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so one week in advance so we have time to fill the reservation. If you have people who need to have absolutely perfect weather to go

out, you should not book with us and you should probably cancel your reservation. If it rains on the day of your reservation, we will cancel all boats and you will not be charged. If the weather people forecast rain and it turns out to be a nice day, we will expect you to go out. If you cancel at the last minute because you decide it’s not perfect weather but it actually is fine to boat and we cannot find someone to fill your reservation, you will be charged for the rental. If you cancel, you can view the availability page link on our website: to see if we have filled your reservation as the boat you canceled will show either “available” or “unavailable”. If there is excessive wind (over 30 MPH) or the temperature is below 55, we will cancel your reservation and you will not be charged. Our rental cancellation policies are very liberal compared to other boat rental businesses. We do not want to charge you and would rather fill your spot if you decide not to go out within our one week cancellation policy time. However, we will not lose money on a rental if weather conditions are favorable.

Please remember that if you are planning to bring a smaller boat or jet skis, we do not have a public launch or parking to accommodate.

Grilling is not allowed on the boats.

Tubing is not allowed on the boats.

Smoking is not allowed on the boats.

Children ten years of age or younger are required, by law, to wear a life jacket at all times. If you have young children and do not have life jackets, please bring them into our office when checking in so we can fit them with the proper size life jacket.

Please wear colorfast clothing. Non-colorfast clothing will bleed into the seats and stain the upholstery and we do not want to charge you for damage to the seats.

We advise you to use quality sun screen as well. Cheap sunscreen will also bleed into the seats.

Pets are allowed but they need to be kept off the seats in order to avoid rips in the upholstery. If your pet needs to be on a seat, you must bring a towel or blanket to prevent any damage to the upholstery.

If you have ANY questions please contact us at 952-401-3880.

We look forward to welcoming you on your rental date. BTB Staff